South For Winter

by Speak Too Shallow

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released April 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Speak Too Shallow Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Motion
Motion, Gave up on me
The first of my own ideas
Somehow, with honesty
You gave to me
The worst of my own ideas
And I wasn't offered much
But hell, i would give

Hold on
If you're ready, let me know
If I may interject
It's gotten worse
And oh, this one hurts
What have we accomplished here?
Without eyes baring witness to the process of thought we all share
Would I harbor such awful thoughts
If I truly had faith in trusting you

I'm sayn' who let this out?
Dammit, I'm weak
And I wont evolve
Or trust myself

Just lately, I've been so distracted
I'm wondering when I'll forget all I know and trust myself
And trust myself
I'm sayn who let this out?
Dammit, I'm weak
And I won't evolve
Or trust myself
Track Name: Play It Safe
Where's my mind?
It's been out of line
With my home
So many ways
I've been feelin' alone

I'm sure its safer
The way I've been riding over
Born today
Selfishly, I might be the answer
Soon my eyes fill the room
While shifting shape, they're melting away

I'm sure it's lovely
But there's a million way to leave you blind
I see where this is going
And I must admit I like it

Can I be sure that I wont be leaving my eyes again
Why can't I?
You believe that I never left you alone again
Why can't I?

I'm sorting my reasons why
I'll never travel back till something matters
Enough with my old words
I'm tired of waiting...
Track Name: South For Winter
I wouldn't wanna stay for long
Even if I made it all up
(I know what you're goin' thru)

It's hard to say where the line is anymore
The longer I'm away from home, I wonder
Who am I
And what have I done with the rest of you
All my life, I'm waiting to die

There's only one way left to find you
And we'd better dig deep enough to make you see
That it's nothin' terrible

I know you
And I know who you can be
Its why I keep my distance
Red alarms are flashing in the back of my mind
On beat, and I'm keepin' time
With you by my side

I'm calling your bluff
I'm writing this down
I know I'm not the only one dependent on the way things used to be
Don't wait up if I don't
Don't wait up wondering why

I've been told that I'm an addict
We've all seen the worst of my dramatics
I belong here
With all the wretched, flea bitten, mother fuckin' dogs
Track Name: Please, Take A Seat
I sold out to what I knew
I can't believe that it was all the way around you

So much has come and gone
I've been lying all along
Slowly now, I might be able to show
That I know that anyone could never be tellin me
All my woes, and my worldly desires
Well no one believes me
If only once that I've been on the phone for the man
Taking down every word you've ever said

How can I decide?
If i knew what I was
And I couldn't be able to let you know
How would that go?
I'm just the start of it
I can't be part of it
How can I be true?
When I know what expected of me
Like everyone who's ever tried
They always end up the same